New born Bamboo Insert-2 Pc pack (SMALL)

  • Regular price Rs. 320.00

  • Made of natural bamboo fibers Bumberry Small Sensitive soaker is crafted for the sensitive skin.
  • The Soaker is made of 2 layer moisture absorbent microfiber fabric inside that locks in the liquid and two baby soft skin facing bamboo fibres as outer layers.
  • The Bumberry Diapers and soakers are maximum stain repellent, and stains goes out with a gentle wash easily.
  • The stitches are strong and durable, making it last long and safe for machine wash and deep cleansing if and when necessary.
  • The Soakers are made of 2 inner layer of absorbent microfibers and 2 skin facing soft sides made of natural bamboo fibre, which is great on the skin.