Why Bumberry?


Bumberry diapers comes with trendy designs and prints which will make your baby instant trendsetter while hanging out.

Saves Money

Bumberry diapers are highly economical considering the entire diapering age of your baby compared to traditional diapers.

Saves Planet

Unlike traditional diapers that pollute the our earth, Bumberry reusable diapers are bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

Bumberry is CPSIA certified

Bumberry Cloth Diaper samples have passed the adequate number of tests that are relevant under the CPSIA guidelines and therefore this certificate interprets that the Bumberry cloth diapers and inserts meet the adequate safety standards as per CPSIA mandated specifications.

Bumberry Reviews

This product is very good and easy to wear with adjustable size for normal adults. The main advantage is it is reusable. Wash, Dry and use it. Yes you can wash both the cover and the highly absorbing micro fiber insert. For 6 hours use it is very good. In cities and locations where the disposal of other gel based large size diapers is becoming difficult, I would recommend this product. There by we become part of Green environment, saving earth.

Amazon customer

Nice and cheerful pattern, Good quality, fast delivery. Worth this money :)

Zuzanna Bilska-Jha

Hi. I bought bumberry cloth diapers for my baby.these are very good option for daytime. I'm using them now and really saves minimum Rs 30 per day, means Rs 210 per week. It's also good for the baby skin as compared to disposable diapers.

Jaspreet Kaur

It bought so much relief to my 80 year old dad...it doesn't hold for 6 hours tho but I would recommend it more than disposable ones and also have a separate washing machine.