Oh-so-loved by babies, mothers and Mother Earth. That's Bumberry® Cloth Diapers for you. A radical departure from conventional diapering solutions, Bumberry with added padding is precision-crafted from chemical-free, rash-free materials that stay dry for extended durations of time. Bumberry is a celebration of your motherhood, the happiness of your baby and the health of our planet. We earnestly work towards bringing you products that make your life easier and better. A life without compromise. A life full of happiness and cherished moments. Go ahead, make a happy change in your life.

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Bumberry® Adult Diapers. Enjoy Freedom to Move Around.

Comfortable, adaptable, spill-proof, odour-proof design tailor-made for Indian body shapes. Super absorbent materials that stay dry more than 6 hours. Go ahead, get back to your active lifestyle with ease, or hit the bed, worry-free!

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Bumberry® Science.
From the Pioneers in Cloth Diapering in India.

Bumberry® brought the innovative concept of cloth diapering to India, way back in 2013. Today we are at the forefront of innovation and acceptability among discerning mothers. We believe cloth diapering is as much about technology, ecology and ergonomy, as it is about fashion. We associate with universities and international labs to continually improve our diapers. Our constant improvements in technology, precision manufacturing, and craftsmanship ensure safety, right fit, comfort and convenience.

Save Money.
Save Planet.

Bumberry® Cloth Diapers are reusable, unlike the harmful use-and-throw diapers. You save money over the entire usage cycle and contribute less to the dangerous landfills. They do not contain any harmful chemicals either. Our CPSIA certification from USA is all the proof you would need. When it comes to diapering babies, discerning mothers switch to the future of diapering: Cloth Diapers. And prefer Bumberry® Cloth Diapers, the pioneers and specialists in cloth diapering in India.