About Bumberry

Feeling elated and nervous at once? Welcome to mommyhood. You have welcomed a new life into this world and want to do right by your child from the get-go. And stick to your environment-conscious ideals while at it. Cloth diapering is now becoming a way of life for new mothers and it can be your way too.

Cloth diapers are just as easy to use as disposables with the added benefits of savings, eco-friendliness and of course, being the most natural material to caress the delicate skin of your child.

At Bumberry, we understand how overwhelmed a new parent can feel. The right choice does not seem so right any more, when there are just too many people ready to dole out advice. We know you want the best for your child and we make things easier for you by giving you an inexpensive, yet quality diapering option that already has the wisdom of generations poured into every delightful diaper. We offer you a range of styles, colours and prints that will make both parent and baby happy!