Let’s go back to the day we were born.

The year was 2013.
Our founder Kuttikrishnan, an active conservationist and a diligent
eco-warrior, had become a dad.
They didn’t want to use
disposables that
contribute to landfills.
It was obvious: Indian parents
needed a solution of their own.
Cloth diapers were
available, but only abroad.
They tried conventional cloth nappies and realized they were
wasting water, and time.

Enter Bumberry: a business spark that grew into a nation-wide success.

To pee or not to pee,
Bumberry has a solution.

The first step to solving a problem is understanding it thoroughly.

Not all babies pee equal

Some pee 2x more than others

Pee zones matter

Males and females have
different pee zones

Time of the day matters

Babies pee 1.5x more in the
day than night-time

Age matters

Newborns pee upto 35 times a
day, and less frequently with age

What do we do differently?
We do it all.

Bumberry manufactures over 5 million cloth diapers per year: and we handle every step of that process, from crafting customized fabrics, to packing and packaging.
R&D and
Raw materials
& Shipping