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2 Piece Pack of New & Improved Smart Nappy for 4-9 months old Infants (Size SM)

2 Piece Pack of New & Improved Smart Nappy for 4-9 months old Infants (Size SM)

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🆕 New & Improved with Your Feedback: This is our latest and most improved smart nappy, and it's all thanks to you! We've listened to your valuable feedback and made enhancements to exceed your expectations. We're on this journey with you.

💧 Extra Leak Containment Barrier for Peace of Mind: We've reinforced the leak containment barrier, so you can confidently embrace each day without worrying about messy leaks. Our diapers offer you that extra layer of protection that parents need.

🚀 Extra Absorption with Stepped Core Technology: We've harnessed the power of stepped core technology to offer superior absorption. It evenly distributes wetness, ensuring your baby stays dry for longer stretches between changes.

💰 Built-In Padding for Hassle-Free Diapering: With our smart nappy, there's no need for additional inserts or extra purchases. We've included built-in padding to simplify your diapering routine and save you money.

👶 Soft & Dry Liner for Baby's Comfort: We know your baby's comfort is paramount. Our diapers feature a gentle, soft, and dry liner that keeps your little one snug and content, even during extended wear. No more fussy babies!

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches


Why Smart Nappy? What makes it different from other cloth nappies?

  • Built-in padding - An all-in-one concept for better convenience with a holding capacity of at least two wettings.
  • Boat-shaped Design - Unique boat-shaped design for a snug fit comfort and better absorption.
  • Leg gussets prevent leakage - The extra suede lining with soft elastics gives extra comfort and leaves no marks. 
  • Soft and stay dry liner - Wet-free suede lining for longer last and stay-dry comfort.
  • Water-proof outer layer - Soft poly urethane laminated fabric for leak-proof.
  • HOLDING CAPACITY The 3X performance in absorption (up to 120 ml) is achieved with the use of an innovative technical textile; custom-made microfiber with high wicking property, making it a much preferred solution over cotton nappies. We have scientifically tested and documented the higher holding capacity of Smart Nappy with the support of a reputed textile testing laboratory. 
  • DURATION 2- 3 hours. On average, depending upon the age of the baby, it urinates at least once every half an hour to two hours. Accordingly, the hours can vary with the kid. RANGE 0 - 6 months. Kids who weigh between 3 kg - 6 kg will get the perfect fit as per our size. 
  • Extra leak containment barrier - Enhanced with an exclusive lock stitch mechanism helping the smart nappies contain the urine within the inner padding.
  • Extra absorption - The inner padding is made with a "Stepped Core Multi-Layered Design". It helps to well spread the water content to all micro-cavities, taking the absorption to 3X.

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