This lockdown, don’t worry about your baby’s comfort.

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Let Bumberry make your life easier this lockdown.


  • #OneWorryLess
    about deliveries:

    Our reusable, washable cloth diapers will last you for the upcoming months, and has to be delivered just once.

  • #OneWorryLess
    about costs:

    A cloth diaper is a long-term investment, and adds up to far less than buying disposable diapers every day.

  • #OneWorryLess
    about disposing diapers:

    Bumberry's washable cloth diapers do not add to the waste pile, or your worries. A washable diaper creates waste only once.

Why Bumberry?

We care about your baby’s comfort.

We use the highest quality fabrics, and the latest technology to ensure our products make you worry less, and your baby feels their best.

Made in India.

All our products are manufactured at our factory in India, and every product manufactured goes through a number of stringent quality checks.

Easy & Comfy.

Babies in cloth benefit from more air circulation, less build-up of high temperatures, and are less susceptible to skin rashes than in disposables.

Making the planet better for your baby.

At Bumberry, we care about the world your baby will grow up in, and try to make it a better place - one environment-friendly diaper, at a time.

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