Freedom is making the best choices for your baby.

Feeling Free with Bumberry

I’m free to make better choices for my baby.

Our reusable, washable cloth diapers will last you for the upcoming months, and has to be delivered just once.

I’m free to live worry-free.

Bumberry’s cloth diapers cut down on diaper changes, diaper rashes, and all kinds of discomfort. The fabrics are specially crafted for babies to feel comfy, being super absorbent and soft. Each diaper is specially designed for a baby’s unique needs, which means I don’t have to worry about 1000 things!.

I’m free to be me.

Bumberry pours heart, soul, hard work, and the best technology into creating babycare products that will make my life easier, while my baby’s as happy and comfy as can be. I’m free to relax, and focus on myself, whenever I need to.

Bumberry brings you…

The freedom of choices.

Explore Bumberry’s huge range of diapers for babies of all ages, shapes and sizes, with a number of cute, trendy and festive designs!

The freedom of usage

Each baby’s needs are different. We’ve got diapers for daytime use, night-time use, active babies and snoozing ones.

The freedom of cutting costs

Bumberry’s eco-friendly, rewashable cloth diapers are affordable, and a one-time-purchase, that can last you for 3+ years.

Explore our range of #FreeToBeMe Stash Packs.