Your hard-earned
money is not “disposable”.
Cut costs. Choose cloth

Or, you could just buy
1 cloth diaper that lasts upto 3 years.

Easy to reuse/rewash
Cuts down on
additional accessories
Does not harm the

Bumberry’s Cloth Diapers are the most cost-effective way to go!

We’ve got diapers for every age and usage pattern.

We use the highest quality fabrics, and the latest technology to ensure our products make you worry less, and your baby feels their best.

Cute and stylish designs that require no additional shorts/bottoms

Choose from a huge range of patterns, colours and festive themes.

One-time-purchase that is high-quality and long-lasting

All our diapers are crafted from customized fabrics, with strong stitching, designed to wash/dry easily.



One of the first brands in India to pioneer cloth diapers

Bumberry is the largest manufacturer of cloth diapers in India, producing 1.2-5 million pieces per year.

Made responsibly and sustainably in India

We’re always able to offer the best quality at the right price, since we personally handle Fabric production, Lamination, Printing, Stitching, Quality Control and Packing.

Stash Packs that are designed to help you decide

Each one has been carefully put together to reduce a new parents’ stress, with products based on your baby’s age, and usage patterns!


Get upto 50% off on 10+ Stash Packs.
Choose the most cost-saving cloth diapers in India.