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Bumberry Starters Kit

Bumberry Starters Kit

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The starter pack is for babies of aged 3-36 months. The natural wipe is provided for free with this pack and is a great alternative to use and throw wipes. The wipe like our diapers can be washed and reused.

The pack comes with three diapers. 

The pocket diaper comes with a pocket made of wet-free micro fleece layer that will keep the babies bum dry and irritation free. The Diaper also contains a highly absorbing microfiber insert inside the pocket that can be removed and washed separately!

The second diaper is a diaper cover, which comes with a bamboo insert, good for babies with sensitive skin. We have also placed a change insert. A wet free insert for you to use on your diaper cover without having to waiting for the first insert to dry. You need to only wash the cover after 2-3 changes of inserts. The wet free insert does not retain wetness and is good for napping babies.

The third is the Bumberry Sleeper. The Bumberry Sleeper is a one-piece, one -size diaper that is recommended exclusively for the night and not the day. The sleeper has two partially stitched wet free inserts on either side of the diaper which helps adjust absorbency and saves time. The overlapping wet free inserts are made of 2 layers of microfiber each and an additional wet-free fabric that keeps the baby’s bum dry. There’s an additional pocket to cater to the needs of heavy wetters. The Bumberry hemp insert provided in the pack is to be inserted inside the pocket for longer diapering hours and a fully rested, wet free happy baby in the morning.

Grab the starters pack today and join the millions of cloth diapering moms worldwide.

Call 1800-1234-808, our dedicated 24X7 support line for questions and concern related to cloth diapering or Bumberry.

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