Cloth diapers for the
cutest new generation.

Your new partner in cutting edge newborn babycare.

Made in India

Bumberry is the largest manufacturer of cloth diapers in India, producing 1.2-5 million pieces per year, and is loved by new parents worldwide.


At Bumberry, we understand Indian babies and parents, and have crafted a range of products that can read infants’ minds to solve problems with intelligent design.

Fabrics customized for infants

We use only customized cotton or wet-free fabrics that are specially designed for the delicate skin of infants, and offer comfort superior to any langot.


Bumberry’s cloth diapers are washable, and reusable - a one-time-purchase that lasts for years. It’s also sustainably made, and doesn’t harm the planet your baby will grow up in.

3 products that are smart enough to cover your newborn’s every need.

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