Our Story

The Bumberry journey began in 2013. Our founder Kuttikrishnan, an active conservationist and a diligent eco-warrior, had become a dad. Disappointed having to use disposable diapers that contribute to landfills, he and his wife resorted to the conventional cotton nappies. Soon they both were bogged down by the frequent nappy changes, water wastage and paucity of time. That is when his sister sent him a set of cloth diapers from the US. Amazed by their organic, eco-friendly and lasting absorption qualities, he immediately realised how much the Indian mothers could benefit if cloth diapers were easily made available in India. Excitement soon transformed into a business spark and soon, Bumberry was born. Today Bumberry steadfastly holds on to the original vision of our founder to deliver high quality, eco-friendly, baby-friendly cloth diapers, prioritizing uncompromising quality over sales and constant product innovations over revenues.

Our Quality

A Bumberry cloth diaper reaches you after going through a string of stringent quality control processes. It begins with selecting the most eco-friendly materials. We ensure that the print dyes are safe for baby skin. Then the fabric is meticulously stitched, and buttons precisely placed to ensure a perfect fit. We fiercely reject the pieces that do not meet our quality control processes, so that what you get in hand is always a cloth diaper that meets the highest standards customers have come to expect of us.