• Smart Nappy Stash (0-6 Months) 3 Piece Pack - Baby Blue, Cute Baby & Bugs Party
  • Smart Nappy Stash (0-6 Months) 3 Piece Pack - Baby Blue, Cute Baby & Bugs Party
  • Smart Nappy Stash (0-6 Months) 3 Piece Pack - Baby Blue, Cute Baby & Bugs Party

Smart Nappy Stash (0-6 Months) 3 Piece Pack - Baby Blue, Cute Baby & Bugs Party

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This 3 piece Smart Nappy Stash Pack covers ALL your newborn’s diaper needs. No more worries about diapers for your baby! Our revolutionary new Smart Nappy is the best selling product in its category - now at better prices than ever to make your life easier during the lockdowns. 

Here’s what makes it special: 

  • Say goodbye to leaking nappies and langots
  • At least 3-4 hour period of no leakage and totally dry nappy 
  • Comes with a wet-free cloth layer on top
  • Needs no additional mats, fewer accessories needed 
  • Extra leg gusset prevents leakage
  • Incredibly cost-saving alternative to disposable nappies
Before the first use, wash your Bumberry diapers and inserts separately with lukewarm water (100F/40C) for maximum absorbency.
Normal wash: If soiled, pre-rinse with cold water and remove solid waste with a health faucet. Soak both diapers and insert in a bucket of mild detergent solution. Wash manually or machine wash. Hang dry, preferably in the sun - it’s nature’s best disinfectant! DO NOT BLEACH OR USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, as these products will leave a waxy build-up and lower the absorbency of the inserts or cause leaks.

Customer Reviews

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must buy

I have been using this since last 4 months for my 4 month old..so this product comes with an inner dry feel layer , outer water resistant layer and a soaker that is stitched in between..it lasts for 3-4 hours in babies less than 3 months old and then as the volume of pee increases after 3 months of age it will last for 2-3 hours. It's a bigtime hassle saver as it doesn't wet his outer swaddle wrap and godadi and saves me a tonne of washing..I change the nappy every time before feeding and then the baby sleeps uninterrupted by wetness till his next feed and that's a relief!! Plus the unique boat shape of this nappy has prevented all pee leaks in my usage and also contains poop without creating too much mess, just ensure that it's properly fitted while tying. V easy to clean poop also just spray it off in toilet and then scrub under running water - doesn't leave any stains. All in all its a blessing for eco-conscious moms while also saving a lot of money compared to disposables! Go ahead and buy this

must have it

i love the product


awsm product

Good one


Good way to start cloth diapering

I bough these as a replacement to the traditional cotton langot during rains. It holds more than 1pee so depending upon how heavy wetter the baby is, it may last from 2hrs to 4hrs. Cleaning stains and drying takes long, a quick spin cycle in the washing machine does the trick. Using these will give better confidence in implementing cloth diapering.

Smart Nappy Stash (0-6 Months) 3 Piece Pack - Baby Blue, ...

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