Bumberry Pocket Diaper + Insert

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Bumberry One Size Reusable Pocket Diaper + 1 Reusable Micro-fiber Insert is designed for babies up to 3 years of age. It is specially favored by most experienced moms as a super comfortable night time diaper and when the baby starts standing and walking (milestone number?) by 10-12 months this diaper can be used as an all-time functional diaper.  The One Size Feature of this diaper lets you adjust the snaps on the diaper to find that perfect fit for your little one. Not too tight, nor too loose.

The Pocket: The pocket is made of a wet free fabric technology that keeps your baby’s bum wet free and comfy allowing them to go on with what they are doing (sleeping/playing/looking cute). The pocket is stitched into place to stop the absorbent insert inside from moving. It’s made for active babies.

The Insert: The secret Ingredient. One Micro fiber reusable insert goes inside the pocket. (Included in this pack) The Insert is highly absorbent and can be used more than 6 hours at a stretch. Though we recommend a change every 6 hours and leaving the baby diaper free for a while.  The diapers use fabric technologies vs. chemicals to lock the moisture. The Insert and the wet free pocket does not discolor or retain odor post washing. Please wash the insert and diaper thoroughly before first use in warm water to ensure hygiene.

We are sure you will enjoy using this product as did thousands of mothers since our launch in 2013.