• Extra long Insert - Wetfree
  • Extra long Insert - Wetfree
  • Extra long Insert - Wetfree

Extra long Insert - Wetfree

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1. Extra long 2 layers of microfiber insert with wetfree lining which can be folded twice or thrice for more absorbency
2. Perfect for long durations, especially night-time uses
3. Strong, durable stitching for extensive machine washing and deep cleansing
4. Certified and tested safe
5. Used with Bumberry Pocket diaper 2.0
Before the first use, wash your Bumberry diapers and inserts separately with lukewarm water (100F/40C) for maximum absorbency.
Normal wash: If soiled, pre-rinse with cold water and remove solid waste with a health faucet. Soak both diapers and insert in a bucket of mild detergent solution. Wash manually or machine wash. Hang dry, preferably in the sun - it’s nature’s best disinfectant! DO NOT BLEACH OR USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, as these products will leave a waxy build-up and lower the absorbency of the inserts or cause leaks.

Customer Reviews

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Dinesh Bhalaji CB
Worth the money

I was so confused which cloth diaper shall I choose, as so many options available in the market. Seeing the possitive reviews of this product, I choose bumberry.
And I just loved it. My baby feels comfortable too. Best for daytime. Great absorbency and 100% value for money. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

feel dry layer on the top

Very good absorbency.. the side which touches baby's bum is really really dry even when the insert has absorbed lots of water.. the wetness can be felt only on the other side which is covered by the water proof diaper cover

Soumya Ponnappa
Good Product

Though costly, I find this product worth it. I have been using it for nearly 3 months now and there is no change in its quality or appearance. The inserts can be used with any diaper cover or pocket diaper. One side of the insert can be placed in direct contact with baby's skin. I have been using it on my baby and he has no rashes. The inserts are also very absorbent and can last up to 3 hours for my 3 month old baby. They are very easy to clean too. Just soak them for 20-30mins in detergent water and then rinse them clean. If stained with poo, simply scrub that area and its gone.
The only disadvantage of this or any inserts for that matter is that they take. Long time to dry in monsoon or cold weather.

Extra long Insert - Wetfree

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