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Bumberry Hemp Inserts

Bumberry Hemp Inserts

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Bumberry Hemp insert is a specially made for heavy wetters and for overnight usage. The insert is soft and comfortable on baby’s bum. It can be used as a soaker inside the Bumberry pocket diaper or as a booster inside the Bumberry Sleeper.

  • The Hemp insert is made of 3 layers. The outer 2 layers are made up of high absorbent hemp layers and 1 inner layer of Microfibre.
  • Made with 55% hemp/45% organic cotton fleece
  • The Bumberry Diapers and soakers are maximum stain repellent, and stain goes out with a gentle wash easily.
  • The stitches are strong and durable, making it last long and safe for machine wash and deep cleansing when necessary.
  • Wash a minimum of 3 times prior to first use to prep the insert. Hemp will continue to gain absorbency with more washes.
  • Expect hemp inserts to shrink by approximately 10% after prepping.
  • Use with Bumberry Sleeper and Pocket Diapers for extra absorbency.
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