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Diaper Cover (Retro Print)

Diaper Cover (Retro Print)

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  • Bumberry Diaper Cover can be wiped dry for another fresh soaker change.
  • Preferred by mothers as an excellent day time diaper option for babies when urination pattern is more frequent.
  • The stitches are strong and durable, making it last long and safe for machine wash and deep cleansing if and when necessary.
  • The Diapers are leak proof and breathable.
  • The Bumberry Diapers and soakers are maximum stain repellent, and stains goes out with a gentle wash easily.
  • For older babies or night time use, see our Bumberry Pocket Diaper as a more ideal option.

Bumberry Diaper Covers are great for babies during day time and when urination pattern is more frequent. The Diaper Covers are engineered for easy changes. An easy wipe and a fresh soaker and you’re good to go again. This is especially good when you have couple of soakers stashed away (Sold with and separately) Put your soiled diaper and changed soakers for a single wash for a convenient diapering experience.

  • Recommended maximum period of use: 6 Hours/Diaper Cover for a baby.
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