Top advantages of using reusable cloth diapers for your baby. Must read.

Before we jump start with the list of advantages that you are interested in knowing about reusable cloth diapers, let’s take a step back and think.

Being human beings, it is a known fact that we have different perceptions and views. It’s highly relative. What seems to be impressive to person A can be boring to person B. What look like advantages of using reusable cloth diapers to Mom A can be a lot of work to Mom B.

Let’s call Mom A - Nikita and Mom B – Roshini and find out whom do you resemble more?

advantages reusable cloth diapers

The advantages of reusable cloth diapers would look impressive to mothers like Nikita. We are very sure that all mothers out there would love to be like Nikita.

So, let’s see those advantages of using reusable cloth diapers.

Reusable cloth diapers are economical

If you were a parent once and used disposable baby diapers for your baby, you might know the number of diapers that you must be buying and amount for money that you spend. It’s terribly high. As high as 5400 disposable diapers are used for a baby on an average, over a period of 3 years. Multiply it with your disposable diaper cost to have an idea about the money.
On the other hand, reusable diapers as the name says can be reused and you can save heavily on the money that you spend. Although cost / reusable diaper is comparatively higher, when you look at the long run of your baby’s diapering period, the amount of money you can save would give you goosebumps.
So if you think like Nikita, you got one reason to buy reusable cloth diapers. Let’s see what’s more to it.

Reusable baby diapers are 100% safe

When reusable baby diapers started to be loved and adopted by lot of mothers around the world, disposable diaper companies started saying that it’s safe to use disposable diapers. This is not true.
These are the chemicals found in disposable baby diapers:

Chemical Problem Remark
Dioxin The World Health Organization claims they “can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and can also cause cancer.” Listed carcinogen that is released when chlorine is used for bleaching the diaper pads
Sodium Polyacrylate eye and lung irritant Used in inner layer. Sometimes these crystals can leak and end up affecting the skin
Pthalates Skin irritation and rashes Identified as endocrine disruptor


On the other hand reusable cloth diapers do not contain any harmful chemical elements as they are simple in structure and functionally safe for your baby.

Some mothers would still choose disposable diapers as they find it very easy and comfortable for them to use. Nikita is ready to get a bit uncomfortable for her baby as she loves her baby “unconditionally”.

Reusable cloth diapers are environment friendly

  • They are totally non harmful to environment and are biodegradable, if you would throw it away when your baby grows. On the other hand, disposable diapers are identified as one of the top pollutants globally.
  • Like previously mentioned, on an average a baby would use 5400 disposable diapers during period of 3 years. They are not biodegradable and end up as landfills which adversely affect the environment. 
  • The facts are shocking and unknowingly many parents are contributing to this scenario since ages. But when you know it now, we believe that you have another strong reason to start using reusable cloth diapers like Nikita would.

At this point if you feel that, the advantages of using reusable cloth diapers are impressive to you, you are very much like Nikita and we welcome you to use Bumberry reusable cloth diapers.
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