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Congratulations to winners of #VirtualGCDCIndia2018 contest by Bumberry.

In connection with the World Earth Day 2018, we had conducted a contest with an intention to raise awareness about cloth diapers.

The Great cloth diaper change event was celebrated by international community with same objective which asked mothers to come out to the fields form large groups and change cloth diapers on babies.

The Virtual Great Cloth Diaper Change India 2018 event (#VirtualGCDCIndia2018) was conducted so that mothers who cannot go out to the field can express their support. They are the fuel and inspiration for Bumberry and other stakeholders who wish to make this change happen in world. So we thought of conducting this event online.

virtual gcdc india 2018

And we got amazing responses. So here is the list of winners who share our vision for planet earth and took effort to show their valuable support.

Bumberry is extremely happy to give them gift hampers as a symbol of gratitude and to boos the spirit.


  1. Sonali Sonawane

  2. Pritty Jose

  3. Silja J Nair

  4. Shilpa Raghuram

  5. Poonam Malhotra Bahra

  6. Nidhi Kaushik

  7. Harmit Singh Bahra

  8. Pinal Jain

  9. Niji Sabu

  10. Deepika Rajpoot

  11. Manju Arun

  12. Mala Choudhury

  13. Babli Mondal

  14. Monika Amba

  15. Super_mummarnab

  16. Mummy_shahh

  17. Sindhu_vinodnarayan

  18. Life.of.gen

  19. Jigmamw

  20. Raising27

  21. a2zlife_of_a_twin_mom

  22. Vindhya Sugan

  23. Avika Chaudhary

Contact for Prizes!!

Please send in your contact details on WhatsApp number : 9446666618