Bumberry Cloth Diapers are money savers compared to disposable diapers! Know how.

What is average diapering period of a baby? It is about 3 years.

We can confirm you that if you switch to Bumberry reusable diapers you can end up saving minimum of Rs. 150 every week for a total of 156 weeks of diapering period. In our calculations we found out that in 3 years you can save approximately Rs. 23,060.
That’s a huge saving right? Why don’t you put that money in a piggy bank for your young one? And the money saved will be on top of the fact that your baby hasn’t polluted the environment by using harmful disposable diapers. So why is it taking so long to take that right decision? Switch to Bumberry reusable diapers today.

Now let’s get to the facts on how you can save INR 150 every week.

In 3 years of baby’s diapering period he or she would use 3000+ disposable diapers. On the other hand if you are using Bumberry diapers, it would be 4 Diaper Covers, 6 Pocket Diapers and 8 extra inserts.

reusable cloth diapers

Disposable Diapers

Bumberry Reusable Diapers

Average number of diapers used per day



Diapering days (3 x 365)



Number of diapers required for 3 years


  • 4 Diaper Covers
  • 6 Pocket Diapers
  • 8 Extra Inserts

Cost for one time use

Rs 10

Rs. 2.98

Savings per use


Rs. 7.02

Savings every week (3x7)


Rs. 148 ~ Rs 150

Savings for 3 years


Rs. 23,060

Pain of disposal



Affects environment harmfully




As you can see in the table above, you can save approximately Rs. 150 every week and by the end of 3 years if you are using Bumberry diapers you would be saving Rs. 23,060.

We always hear, “But then...disposable diapers are easy to use.”

This is the famous counter argument that we always hear while we speak about switching to Bumberry reusable diapers. Disposable diapers are easy to use. It’s just about using it and throwing it off after use. Can we call it easy-to-use or becoming irresponsible?
On the other hand when parents are using reusable diapers they have to change the inserts, wash it, dry it etc. That’s a lot of work right? Is it?
We all need to understand the concept of conscious diapering. We have to become conscious that diapering is a responsible phase in a baby’s life. While some parents choose to ignore the harmful effects of disposing disposable diapers after use for convenience sake, Conscious Diapering aspires to inform and educate such parents that what they are doing is in turn coming back to us all as a major disaster.
Yes, reusable diapers require more involvement and effort. But we urge you all to see it not as effort but responsibility. We urge you to believe in Conscious Diapering.

While from the above facts we understand that reusable diapers are huge money savers, you can also use Bumberry reusable diapers are fashionable wear for babies when they are dining out in a restaurant or discovering a park or whenever they are outing.
So switch to Bumberry Reusable Diapers today. Let’s save some cash!