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In connection with the World Earth Day 2018, we had conducted a contest with an intention to raise awareness about cloth diapers. The Great cloth diaper change event was celebrated by international community with same objective which asked mothers to come out to the fields form large groups and change cloth diapers on babies. The Virtual Great Cloth Diaper Change India 2018 event (#VirtualGCDCIndia2018) was conducted so that mothers who cannot go out to the field can express their support. They are the fuel and inspiration for Bumberry and other stakeholders who wish to make this change happen in world....

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Before we jump start with the list of advantages that you are interested in knowing about reusable cloth diapers, let’s take a step back and think. Being human beings, it is a known fact that we have different perceptions and views. It’s highly relative. What seems to be impressive to person A can be boring to person B. What look like advantages of using reusable cloth diapers to Mom A can be a lot of work to Mom B. Let’s call Mom A - Nikita and Mom B – Roshini and find out whom do you resemble more? The advantages...

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